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Study in Slovenia


Slovenia is in the heart of Europe where the Alps and the Mediterranean meet. There is ample snow in the winter season in Slovenia. The average temperatures in Slovenia are -2 degree Celsius in January and 21 degrees in July. Slovenia is flanked by several forests and has many protected plant and animal species.

Slovenia is a fantastic tourist destination. One can do skiing in the morning time and submit yourself to the beauty of the Adriatic Sea in the afternoon. Slovenia is renowned for its awesome wines and sumptuous and traditional food.


- Very Low tution fees.

- IELTS required(5.5)

- 1 year stayback

- Work while you study

- Can apply for PR.

- Low cost of living

Only intermediate completed students can apply.

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  • Do you really want to study in Slovenia? Well, you can easily study in Slovenia.
  • Slovenia can be easily accessed by plane through the main airport in Ljubljana.
  • Slovenia is nice and colorful. In Slovenia, there are nice views and green hills.
  • Slovenia is a great English speaking nation. All the lectures for foreign students are in English and the professors speak nice English.
  • Most of the Slovenians are fluent in only one foreign language that may be German or English or Italian or Hungarian and that depends on the region.
  • The lectures for foreign students are held in English.
  • The professors are highly fluent in the English language and there are no issues in communicating with them.
  • People in Slovenia are highly open and kind and they will help you in all possible ways.
  • There are student benefits in at least eighty percent of the restaurants in the cities that consist of students.
  • The students can get affordable accommodation in Slovenia. There is an option to live in student dormitories where the monthly rent is from 80 to 150 Euros and all the expenses are covered.
  • The students can get a wide range of discounts for their activities.
  • Studies are very much adapted to the foreign students.
  • Professors take extra time for you and they are less demanding towards the foreign students.
  • Studies are conducted in the English language as there are small groups of foreign students.
  • Students may get more of the personal time from professors and teaching assistants.
  • Students may avail affordable transport.

Slovenia fits to be an ideal destination for all the foreign students as it is highly economical and the students can adapt themselves with considerable ease in its study environment.

Why study in Slovenia?

  • In case you take a decision to study in Slovenia, you will enjoy its best location.
  • A part of its territory is by the Alps and part of it is by the sea.
  • Slovenia is an ideal place for the international students who wish to get a higher education degree.
  • Students can get some exemption from paying tuition fees at full time study programs at the various public institutions.
  • To study a bilingual program is an awesome chance for you to have mastery over more than one language. There are more alternatives for your future career irrespective of your studies field.
  • There are varied study programs based on their language of instruction.
  • Some of the programs are taught in the English language and others are taught in bilingual English and an extra language.
  • The program you like the finest is taught in English.
  • There are some institutions that give the international students active support to learn the language they are not comfortable in so that they can pass their studies.
  • Slovenia supports the concept of a real European area of knowledge and makes an attempt to utilize the measures that support equal opportunities, higher education and vocational education and training along with language learning.
  • Higher education in Slovenia has been to many legislative changes along with fast growth of the institutes.
  • There has been a great increase in the student numbers and it is a desired nation for many foreign students.
  • Slovenia is considered to be an ideal and best study destination for all the international students.
  • Studies are facilitated by public and private universities, faculties, art academics and professional colleges. The art academics, faculties, universities give all kinds of study programs.

It is a privilege to study in Slovenia as the atmosphere is highly conducive for all the students. Slovenia provides the best environment for students of all nationalities as it has a state of the art education system equipped with modern facilities. Please contact us to know more about studying in Slovenia.

Education system in Slovenia

  • Slovenia has got four universities like the University of Ljubljana, University of Maribor, University of Nova Gorica and University of Primorska.
  • The individual faculties are all the Slovenian universities have many credit schemes and the courses are under the European Credit Transfer Scheme.
  • The professional qualifications that the graduates can get in many of the private and public institutions are there in the similar way.
  • The education system in Slovenia is nicely streamlined so as to benefit the students in the best possible extent.

The education framework in Slovenia is designed keeping in mind the interests of the foreign students. The course modules are simple so that the foreign nationals can grasp the languages well. To know more about the education system in Slovenia, you may contact us as soon as possible.